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Q. How do I register for an account?
Q. Does Chef-In-Box deliver to my neighborhood?
Q. How do I update my delivery address, email or password?
Q. How do I Place My Order?
Q. Can I change, cancel or add items to my order?
Q. How can I check my order?
Q. How do I find products on Chef-In-Box website?
Q. What if the products I order are out of stock?
Q. What modes of payment do you accept?
Q. How do I enter a promotion code?
Q. Is Chef-In-Box secure?
Q. Will my information be kept private?
Q. Chef-In-Box Quality Promise
Q. Are your products halal?
Q. Are there any added colorings, flavorings and preservatives?
Q. Do you have any meals that are below 500 calories?
Q. Can you explain more on the cook-chill and cook-freeze technologies?
Q. Where are your products manufactured?
Q. Can I do a bulk purchase?
Q. Storage and Delivery of Products
Q. When can my order be delivered?
Q. What is the minimum order to receive free delivery?
Q. How will I know the earliest date for delivery?
Q. Can I change my delivery address after I've placed my order?
Q. Can I give an ATL (Authority To Leave) my delivery at my doorstep or at the security/guard/concierge?
Q. What if I'm not at home to receive my delivery?
Q. Who will deliver my order?
Q. What if some of my item(s) are missing?
Q. Can I return the items?
Q. I am having difficulties accessing the website. What should I do?
Q. Why am I unable to login?
Q. Where can I give feedback on Chef-In-Box's site or service?
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