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CNY 2022: Abalone Prosperity Pencai 金玉满堂盆菜
Jiayen Herbal Chicken (1/2 Chicken)Jiayen Herbal Chicken (1/2 Chicken)
Jiayen 4 Treasure Fish Maw SoupJiayen 4 Treasure Fish Maw Soup
Jiayen Yam PasteJiayen Yam Paste
Jiayen Black Garlic Chicken with Soup (1/2 Chicken)Jiayen Black Garlic Chicken with Soup (1/2 Chicken)
Jiayen Korean Ginseng Chicken (1/2 Chicken)Jiayen Korean Ginseng Chicken (1/2 Chicken)
Jiayen Black Pepper ChickenJiayen Black Pepper Chicken
Jiayen Kung Bo ChickenJiayen Kung Bo Chicken

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